How to save Apple account

The all-in-one user account Apple ID, offered by Apple, which continues its activities in many areas such as smartphones, tablets and laptops today, can be stolen by malicious people in some cases. The technology giant has a comprehensive guide for customers to get their accounts back in case of such a situation. Here is my Apple ID stolen, how do I recover it? the answer to the question!

My Apple ID was stolen, how do I recover it?
An Apple ID is an account used to log into various online systems using a customer’s existing email address from any email provider the company offers for most of its services, such as iWork, iCloud, iTunes Store, and Apple Store. However, as we mentioned above, it can become the target of some bad people.

According to Apple, users should first make sure that their accounts have not been stolen in such events. At this point, it is very important to consider the following details in order to take the next step.

If you receive an email or notification that your Apple ID has been used to sign in to a device you don’t recognize or have not signed in to recently (for example, “Your Apple ID was used to sign into iCloud on a Windows PC”).
If you don’t remember making any changes, you receive a confirmation email from Apple that your Apple ID password has been changed or your account information has been updated.
Your device is locked or put into Lost Mode by someone other than you.
The device displays messages you didn’t send or items you didn’t delete.
If payment amounts or notifications are displayed for items that you did not purchase. Learn what to do if you notice iTunes Store or App Store payments that you don’t remember on your credit or debit card statements.
Your password no longer works, or has been changed or locked.
If some or all of your account information is different from what you remember.
If the above symptoms fully reflect your situation, you can proceed to the next step to recover your stolen Apple ID. At this point, you can recover your account again by following the steps below.